Walk up in Newtown

Cold-contact evangelism is a gospel necessity in Australia. With frightening stats floating around about the high percentage of people in our cities who don’t know a Christian (A Christian!) it is time to suck it up, relinquish our pride, our fear, our shame of the cross and begin relationships with people who are dying in their sin for the express purpose of introducing them to Jesus – the only source of life.

Our church Resolved in Newtown (we’ll tell you all about it later) is still enjoying the curiosity of the new. We are regularly getting 5-10 visitors a week, but without wanting to be too pessimistic, that will soon dry up. What will be left is the work of building relationships with people from the ground up.

So what I want to think through is how do we do that in our context. How is doing “walk up” in Newtown different to doing it anywhere else? What things do we need to be careful of? What opportunities can we exploit for Christ?


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  1. Craig and I do walk-up every week in Newtown to get our evangelistic edge going during college.

    I’m finding that the people we talk to are lonely, and just want to chat. We haven’t had one rejection yet. We just started talking.

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