World-views training

rubik earthThe World-views training course for Resolved kicks off today at 4:30.

The way it works is that, having been introduced to the topic of world-views, we explore one per week, working our way through western thought.

The break up of weeks looks something like this:

1/ Intro to world-views/Christian Theism

2/ Deism

3/ Naturalism

4/ Nihilism

5/ Existentialism/Christian Existentialism/Post-modernity

6/ Eastern Panthiestic Monism

7/ The New Age

8/ Running the survey

The plan is, by the end of this go through of the training to have an uber training document called “The world-views everything manual”. It will have, well, everything you need to run the world-views survey with your church. If you’re interested in a copy let me know.


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  1. i’m interested in a copy.

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