Status updates

Here’s five status updates I’ve nearly made but wussed out of because I’m a wuss bag:

Status 4

Status 1

Status 2

Status 3

Status 5

So all this got me thinking, how can we use our status updates for good rather than evil? Is a status update the kind of thing you can use well for gospel purposes or are they just another piece of prosaic, tid-bit?



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6 responses to “Status updates

  1. here is a comment because u just complained about not getting one yet – i hope i havent waisted ur time 😉

  2. Anton Marquez thinks status updates can be used for the gospel, but we must be careful not to go overboard.

  3. 9 marks picked up on an interview in Christianity Today with Rob Bell where he was asked to twitter the gospel. They weren’t happy with his response ( so they ran their own competition ( – have a look at the comments. And the winners are here:

  4. steveboxwell

    As it turns out my good friend Steve Kryger just posted about churches using Twitter on Communicate Jesus:

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