Father Bob.

I suspect like many of us, if I just can’t understand a person I am pushed to one of two extremes – either I ignore them or I can’t stop listening to them. I have this experience all the time (perhaps this is a comment on my inability to empathise?):

I don’t get Father Bob. I don’t understand how he fuses his ritualistic Catholicism with his liberal theology. I don’t get where he stands on things like truth, death & ethics. But most recently I don’t get how he so bends parts of the Bible that seem so obvious to me to have an altogether different meaning.

My heart sank when I read on his blog:

The moral of that story, “he ascended into heaven and sits at the right hand of God”, surely is that the founder has left the building in the safe keeping of his followers. No good waiting for God to come and save us. We’re the one we’ve been waiting for, so let’s get on with the business of helping in the evolution of a better world for every human, animal, vegetable and mineral.’

(Get the context here)

If I am the one I am waiting for I am totally sunk. I remember reading for the first time those intensely liberating words in the book of Romans, chapter 3, verses 23 and 24 which says, “For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God – and are justified freely by his grace [mercy] through the redemptions that came by Christ Jesus”. Jesus is the only one who can truly help the evolution of a better world.

In a way his right. We don’t need to wait for God to save us, he’s already done it at the cross. But in another way he is frustratingly way off the mark.

I don’t get Father Bob. But he’ll remain on my RSS feed cause – dang it – I just can’t stop listening to the guy.



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3 responses to “Father Bob.

  1. i often listen to fr bob and safran on a sunday night – and i’ve often puzzled over the same question you have.

    haha at young liberals article!!

    • steveboxwell

      Ohh yeah, she absolutely fits into the “I can’t stop listening” category. That list wasn’t meant to be [entirely] pejorative.

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