Yay for marriage.

water to wine detail

One of the things you often hear about when Jesus’ first sign in John (that being the water to wine miracle) is that weddings back in the day went for a long time. It all seemed a bit Sam Kekovich to me. You’d end up having a party that lasted a week. Some commentaries argue that this was because wine was weaker back then and it took longer to be… satisfied… but viticulturists tell me otherwise and a visit to the Normandy region of France last year where I had the opportunity to sample Calvados, an apple brandy that tasted like a combination of rocket fuel and matches, which has been produced their for hundreds of years confirms that fallacy to me. No, they celebrated, and I imagine they celebrated big!

They, like us, believed marriage to be precious and that it ought to be celebrated. I had the great privilege of going to Jonathan Cole’s engagement party this afternoon (and shout out to Snowy who just text me and told me that he and Tania got engaged a tick ago). Just before I got to the party I thought to myself that we celebrate just as much as they did back in Jesus’ day. We have so many auxiliary parties (engagement, bucks, hens/kitchen tea, house warming) hanging off the one big celebration that we practically celebrate for a week as well!


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  1. Gav

    Firstly, you know how I feel about marriage;

    Secondly, I just want to thank you for introducing me to Sam, here’s a man I’d like to share a beer or two with!!

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