A taster for what is coming up on the Box Pop

I’m told it’s good practice on blogs to give people an idea of what’s coming up in the next week so people can decide if they are going to keep reading. Here’s a break up of the articles that are in the wings (though I’ll probably write about other stuff as it pops into my head too.


The story so far. I’m going to write a story so far for our church plant Resolved. The things we’ve learned, the things I’m thinking about as we look to move forward.

– World-views course material. I’m going to be putting up a page soonish with all the worldviews resources 2.0.


Old Testament and afterlife. I’m writing an essay on Isaiah 26 and the contribution to the OT theology of afterlife. I’m keen to rework my essays to make them… you know… useful.

– I’m going to do a few more book reviews


– I’m going to take you on a tour of the different gardens we work on and introduce you to their compost bins!

– As penniless students we’re going to share some thoughts on how we garden for free!

Other Stuff

– If you had to list the 66 most important Christian books for the average Australian believer to read, what would they be? I’m going to try and establish the Canon!

– We’re going to write up our story, how Anna and I came to know Jesus.

– And on that, Anna, my beautiful wife might just put up a post.

So stick around (or don’t if that all sounds really boring to you)



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3 responses to “A taster for what is coming up on the Box Pop

  1. Sounds good mate – I’ll be sticking around for it!

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