Canon.beta begins


What is your favourite Christian book other than the Bible? What was the book that as you flicked over the final pages you knew you had been enriched/challenged/inspired/exhorted/encouraged as you learned more about some aspect of our great God?

I’m looking to compile a list. A list of 66 of these books. I’m calling it Canon.beta (please don’t stone me).

My aim is to come up with a list of books that average Australian Christians should read before they are bodily resurrected. Then, what I’ll do is if there are any books on this list that I haven’t read yet, I’ll read and review them here before the end of College (h/t Reuben’s non-bookish list)

Before we start though, Canon 1.0 has a bunch of different genres, themes and topics covered so I thought, to make this whole thing a bit easier, we should establish what different groups of books should be in there. So what kinds of broad topics/genre’s should Canon.beta to cover?

Also, I’m looking for a good web source with an apologetic for how the actual canon was formed so I can link to it on Canon.beta for those that this whole discussion flashes that question mark above their head. Any suggestions?



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9 responses to “Canon.beta begins

  1. reubenjs

    cool. much more noble than my list!!

    I’ll get in before anyone else does and add the obligatory ‘the cross of christ’.

  2. a call to spiritual reformation

    • steveboxwell

      Those are good suggestions of books guys, but I was thinking before we started with that we could suggest broad groups of books (so I’m thinking we need some apologetics, systematic theology, some biblical theology etc. What broad topics/genres should we cover?

      Having said that I reckon those three books will probably make the cut 🙂

  3. reubenjs

    Ok, some ideas for groups of books:
    i think there should be a broad two-fold division along the lines of gospels and epistles/pastorals so gospels could = books mostly about Jezuz, epistles could = books mostly about me. I know…don’t think too hard about the details!

    for actual categories i like your suggestions. maybe also early church/reformation history, pop jesus (e.g. left behind style), world religions, philosophy/ethics.

  4. Steve, what a great idea. Some categories that come to mind are ‘doctrine’, ‘the cross’, ‘apologetics’, ‘church history’, ‘evangelism’.

  5. Our bookshelf at home is ordered into categories like “old school guys”, “the church”, “apologetics”, “mission and biographies”, “good contemporary guys”, “average Christian books”, “references” and “commentaries”

  6. If I wrote a book &rew, which shelf would it be placed on?!

    • Hey Steve,

      Well i can see you writing a book about the church, but if it wasn’t on that, you would be on the “good contemporary guys” shelf 🙂

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