Canon.beta 1 – Reference books


Thanks for all you suggestions (on the box pop and around the lunch table) for Canon.beta. Having given them some thought I’ll put up a page shortly with what I’ve got so far. In the mean time here’s the first bit we’ve got to get sorted – Reference books.

There are a few books that the average Australian believer really should have on their shelf. Not that they should read them from

cover to cover but they are helpful reference books. I’m thinking about dictionaries, overview commentaries, etc.

I’m a reference books collector, mum buys me new ones for Christmas ever year suggesting that with so many tomes I’ll be fine should I need to construct some sort of makeshift fort in our living room.

So, what I’m after is the 5 reference books that will make the Canon.beta cut. What I need from you is:

The best Bible Dictionary

The best Theological Dictionary

The best Whole of Bible Commentary

and 2 other reference books that should definitely make it in.

Let me know what you think



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2 responses to “Canon.beta 1 – Reference books

  1. the IVP New Bible Dictionary is a good one

    Wayne Grudem’s Systematic Theology I also like

    Also on my shelf I have two Baker reference books. Their encyclopedia of Christian Apologetics i found helpful when i was in uni. The other one of the Baker reference books I have is their Dictionary of Theology. Its a big book, but i am not sure how much I have really used that one. My first port of call is normally the IVP Bible Dictionary…

  2. I’ve always found this Commentary handy:

    Davidson, Francis ed. ‘The New Bible Commentary’, 2nd ed., London: InterVarsity Fellowship, 1954.

    The IVP Bible Dictionary is one i would also agree with!

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