Societas – out now


Thinking about gospel ministry in a not so just-when-I’m-not-busy-with-my-normal-job kinda way?

Societas is Moore College‘s annual zine. This year’s edition has a range of articles about ministry, study and the people who do/should do both.

If you’re interested in a (free) copy for you or someone you’re encouraging to think through this stuff or if you’re interested in praying for the people at Moore College then let me know below and I’ll send one out to you*.

* I might even sign it on page 36**

** Not really



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3 responses to “Societas – out now

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  2. Nice, yep ditto to these thoughts. Well worth grabbing a copy – get into it!

  3. How do I request a signed copy?! Happy for it to be page 36, or any other page 🙂

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