[Another] taster for what’s coming up on the Box Pop

cow_tongueLike so many ill-disciplined bloggers, when the going got tough I stopped blogging. It has been a crazy couple of weeks of college with no reprieve visible for the next few weeks. Please pray for Anna and I. We’re pretty stressed out about our Greek exam on Friday 4th September. Anyway enough shuffling of feet and staring at the ground – here’s a taster for what’s coming up on the Box Pop.


– I’m actually going to blog about church! I haven’t gotten around to it yet for reasons that I’ll explain.

– The Cult of Chandler. This Sunday we have Matt Chandler coming to speak. I’m really excited but I suspect there’ll be a fair few groupies who’ll come along. I’m going to talk about celebrity and the Gospel.

– Our church evangelism strategy. We’ve nutted out a new evangelism strategy and I’d love your thoughts.


– I’ll share about some of our joys and struggles of 2009.

– My thoughts on the importance of sound pedagogy in theological education

– Ping Pong Vocab. Over the last week a few of us have taken to naming different signature moves that various players in our year have exhibited. Now I’m going to categorise them.

– Rules for Puash. Puash is a little game we invented when we were bored and waiting to play Pong at College. It’s a pretty awesome game so I thought I’d share the concept with you.


– We’ll revisit the agapanthus job and troubleshoot some of the developments there.

– I’ll do some compost bin comparisons across the three compost bins for which we are primary carers.

– We’ll think through the wisdom of Kitchen bench composting for small spaces.

Other Stuff

– I’ve received formal complaints about my WordPress theme. I’m going to see what I can do about that during the holidays.

– I’ve been a bit slack with Canon.beta. I’m going to bring that project to a draft list and then debate can ensue about whether I’ve got the list right.

– Other things that pop into my head.

I hope you’ll stick around. If there are any things you’d like to hear more about drop me a line.



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3 responses to “[Another] taster for what’s coming up on the Box Pop

  1. With pics like that one, who wouldnt want to stay tuned!

  2. I hope you’ll allow for scrutiny from other world authorities on paush…

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