The Theology of Ben Folds – Intro

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Have you ever noticed that vocal opponents of the gospel or Christianity talk about God more than most Christians do? Even though they are convinced that God is non-existent or at least an irrelevance, somehow He keeps popping up. For instance, I think it’s hilarious that God is the only consistent character in all the Monty Python films.

I’ve been musing on this a bit lately as last Tuesday night I had the great pleasure of seeing Ben Folds live in concert for the third time. As we walked home from the concert, it struck me again that his music dances with religious themes. His critique of the Christianised American society is worth hearing. So over the next few days I’m going to make three posts on the theology of Ben Folds, looking at three of my favourite songs of his and thinking about what truths we can glean from his writing.



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2 responses to “The Theology of Ben Folds – Intro

  1. I may have to do one on Tom Waits. You’ve inspired me.

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