Back from Sheol

Hello dear reader.

I feel kind of like an absentee father, strolling back into your life after months away, and over Christmas no less! You’re probably feeling all kinds of emotions right now, all kinds of thoughts are bouncing around your head.

“Why did he just stop blogging without the customary ‘I’ll be back in a few weeks’ post?”

“How do I know he won’t do the same thing again?”

“Is he ever going to change the colours away from this stupid green?”

Well like any deadbeat dad I’m going to promise to make it up to you with wild assurances that I may or may not have the wherewithal to come good on.

So in the next few weeks here are some of the things to tell you about:

  • In keeping with the “re-animation of dead things” theme I’m going to review a movie I watched recently, Fido. It isn’t new, it isn’t in the movies, I borrowed it from a mate who got it out on a weekly but it was awesome.
  • Our Church hosted an event late last year where we booked out the Newtown Dendy and showed a film called Collision. I’ll be writing up how we organised that event and how you could do it with your church.
  • I’m going to be letting you in on a secret. A few guerrillas at Moore College have taken it upon themselves to try and start a food garden – on a roof! I’ll be giving you updates on what we’ve done so far and keep you abreast of how the experiment is going.

I’ll try to be a better blogger. I promise!



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5 responses to “Back from Sheol

  1. welcome back.

    just finished west wing. incredible. no plans for season 8? 😉

    • steveboxwell

      ahh it wouldn’t be the same without Bartlet at the helm.

      • true – but still enough of old team around… sam is back. toby pardoned – maybe even he’d be back?

      • steveboxwell

        nah, Toby never liked Santos. He’d steer right clear of him. Plus CJ is now a stay-at-home mum and lets face it, she kept that whole thing together.

        Hey how did this become a thread about the west-wing. You guys are SO first time through watchers 🙂

      • true true.

        sorry for hi-jacking your comments with west wing…

        you wait ’til college goes back… i will have had 2 more weeks to mull over WW and will be ready to ask you all my questions about it then!!!

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