Routine evangelism

For those of you who aren’t Christian who read this blog, I’ve got to level with you – Aussie Christians are terribly stupid. We’ve turned the concept of introducing you to Jesus into a very complicated business and given it the title “evangelism” which is enough to freak anyone out.

We mean well. It’s an incredible privilege to know God personally and we want you to enjoy that too. Trouble is we’re just so awkward at introducing Him that we don’t do it. We think that you probably aren’t interested anyway; that you’ll think less of us; that you might even stop being our friend. But I’m fairly certain that that’s not the case.

So please excuse me while I remind my friends for a second just how easy it is to do.

I’m going to go into more detail about this when I talk about the Resolved mission strategy for 2010 in a few post’s time, but for now let me tell you about one aspect of it – routine evangelism.

We live in a society bathed in classical liberalism. The most important feature of this is that a lot of our relationships take the form of “transactions”, that is our relationships are mediated by commerce. That’s all just a fancy way of saying that many of the people you have the opportunity to talk to during any given day are the people who are selling you things – the barista; the Big Issue guy; the convenience store owner; the canteen lady.

What I would submit to you is that these are all relationships (potential or kinetic) God has put in your life for you to make him known.

So what this means is that I always go to the same cafe and that last year I started buying the Green Left Weekly from the same guy every week with the express intention of using the 30seconds you can have with these people to enter their world, with a view to finding a way to introduce them to Jesus. For the GLW guy, it was in the form of an evangelistic tract for 1 (spelling out how his dreams for a Marxist utopia were really fulfilled far better in Jesus) and a little red book (I have these cute New Testaments that are about the same as the actual little red book). The Barista has just had a baby and so I bought him a kids Bible and told him how much I appreciated his business.

Our lives are made up with all kinds of transactions which are really relationships. Which ones are you going to grab onto and make part of your routine for the sake of Jesus?

I’d love to hear success/opposite of success stories if anyone has some to share.



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3 responses to “Routine evangelism

  1. mike wells

    oh yeah!
    Taking public transport (not commercial relationship but also good).

    Taking a job (like a barista) where you are part of peoples routine is also awesomeness.

    What I love with both your examples is that you don’t have a prepackaged approach, it’s just finding a wat to say ‘I think Jesus is great’ and letting them poke and probe from there if they want to.

    Ah, got me all excited again. Thanks!

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