Public Service Announcement 1 for 2010

For those of you who didn’t really get the Bayeux tapestry (especially those I taught) here’s a little something that makes sense of it all. The Bayeux tapestry has to be one of the greatest feats of propaganda/war history/art ever conceived. But this little clip helps you feel what everyone would have felt when it was first displayed in the now Norman England.

I came within 4 kms of the tapestry when we were last in France and I didn’t go and see it. I’m feeling a bit silly now.



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2 responses to “Public Service Announcement 1 for 2010

  1. Stephanie Stoker

    That was so cool!

    • steveboxwell

      I know! It’s pretty simple as far as animation goes but it really just gets it right. Such a useful teaching tool!

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