Everything a white guy knows about Jazz

I’m in the throws of College Mission at the moment. Anna and I have been down at Moorebank and Hammondville working our little butts off for one amazing week of sharing the gospel with others, encouraging the Christians at the church (and being mightily encouraged ourselves!)

Last Sunday I preached, I did my 1st Person narrative talk again, the revised version of which I’ll post in the coming weeks. For those who listened to the original you’ll notice a few changes which Andrew Cameron helped me make, and the talk is much better for it.

On Friday I spoke at a Jazz night. I’m not sure how much Jazz you need to own before you can claim to be “into” Jazz, but I suspect its more than 10 CDs. So I did a bunch of research (*cough* googled) and came up with a talk on the life of Frances Crosby. I’ll work the text of it into a post or two in the next few days.

Thanks to everyone who’s been praying. It’s been an excellent mission.


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