Mission strategy at Resolved Church

In my last post about telling people about Jesus I tried to remind everyone of just how simple evangelism actually is, and how we don’t need to complicate things, because people aren’t as scared of Jesus as we think they are.

This post isn’t meant to beat you over the head and say “Christian, You really ought to tell more people about Jesus”. I firmly believe that as you are filled with confidence in the gospel, it just pops out of you. As you pray for opportunities to tell your friends about Jesus they appear.

So now I want to tell you about how we’re thinking about evangelism at Resolved, at least for 2010.

At Resolved we want to reach two groups of people:

a) people we know, and

b) people we don’t.

Generally this strikes fear into everyone but for two different reasons. Some think  “People I don’t know?! You mean we’re going to talk try and strike up conversations about Jesus with people we don’t know. That’s terrifying”. And others think, “Tell my friends, my family about Jesus, but I might lose them,” Let me talk to both groups here:

Some pretty sophisticated polling and modelling was conducted by the Sydney Anglicans last year and they determined that in Sydney 60% of people don’t know a Christian. If you were to go through their facebook page and have a look at their friends they wouldn’t know a single Christian.

This is why Paul says this in Romans 10

Sydney is a massive mission field, Newtown is a massive mission field, and the gospel is so precious, that we have to to meet people we don’t know this year just to tell them about Him.

And what about those people who you know who aren’t believers? Just think about it for a second: God has placed you in the context you are in, in the job you are in, in the family you are in, in the share-house you are in, in the course you are in to be His ambassador. We have the great privilege as people adopted by God our Father to share his goodness.

So with this in mind we are going to tell people about Jesus at three levels this year, as individuals, in small groups and in large groups. Some of us are going to feel a more natural affinity for one of these boxes over others. That’s perfectly normal – we’re all different, the people we’re trying to reach are all different. But it’s really important that we don’t demonise other forms of evangelism, or say they don’t work. People become Christians as Christians tell people about Jesus in all these boxes. I’m going to return to this in a few posts time.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the strategy, or the 6 boxes. Have you got a cracking idea for any of them that you think we should try out in Newtown?


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    Just a message to say I read your blog today.

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