Dear Australia – I still love you but this is all your fault.

Australia, I’m not sure if you’ve quite picked up on this yet, but yesterday was a day that will change things from now on. Our countries discourse has forever been shifted; our understanding about what a national leader does is now diminished. “Ahh yeah,” you might say, “but it’s all the factional system within the Labor Party’s doing”.  Australia I beg to differ – this is your doing. Allow me to paint a picture for you.

Australia – you are addicted to the polls.

Nice try Australia, I know you don’t actually commission the polls yourself but admit it – you love them. When an opinion poll comes out every fortnight or so the print media sales go up that day. Do you think for a second that if they weren’t commercially viable Newspoll would keep going? Admit it, you have no idea how big the sample sizes of these polls are, exactly what questions they asked were to come to their results. You see a headline about preferred PM and think it means something.

Australia, this cheapens our politics. You don’t really understand how the mining tax works – that’s why we elect representatives, smart representatives to make the decisions for you. By allowing the Poll based news cycle to control our politics you’ve given up something very precious.

Australia, you have no long-term vision.

Australia I know you’ve got a fair few people in you who have a Liberal/National bent about them but Australia it may be time to wipe the Costelloeque smirk off now. This is a plague on both houses. Do not think for a second that the knives in the drawers of Liberal power brokers didn’t become a little longer yesterday too. We have just witnessed the death of something that was sick anyway – visionary leadership. If a government now fears being eaten by itself simply because it is performing badly in a few arbitrary polls, how can we expect it to make difficult decisions that may not be in the short term interests of Australia but are certainly in the long term interests? Australia, you have grown selfish. You aren’t even thinking about your own future anymore – let alone the future of your children. This isn’t something you can fix either. You are so enslaved to your poll addiction that in order to communicate to you, your Governments have to provide immediate gratification or you’re willing to cast them adrift.

Australia, you’ve gotten in with the wrong crowd.

Australia, it makes me mad that mining shares bounced up yesterday when it became evident that Julia would be PM. Australia, you were meant to be a classless society. You were meant to be for the fair go. But you have allowed yourself to be tricked by the very people who want to strip your natural resources and make billions for themselves in the process. They haven’t got your long-term interests in mind; if they did they would be willing to pay their share for providing the infrastructure you need. No, they threw millions of dollars at bamboozling you. They spun lies about jobs being at risk, and you swallowed them up.

Australia, don’t get me wrong, Julia may very well do a good job, I hope and pray that she does. But don’t allow yourself to think that this was a coup de journalist – the spot is on your hands.



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4 responses to “Dear Australia – I still love you but this is all your fault.

  1. Thanks for the post Box. What would you say about those close to the mining industry who would say that this tax takes away jobs?

    • steveboxwell

      Hrmm…. well I guess I would say they don’t understand how this tax works. I’m no expert but it’s not a tax like the GST which taxes everything, it’s a tax on excessive profits. If the mining industry was having a hard time of it and (for whatever reason) wasn’t able to find the resources they’re mining then they wouldn’t notice the difference. Jobs weren’t in danger here, but the mining bosses did a sly PR job on this one and managed to convince everyone that they aren’t such bad guys and that their interests and the interests of working class Australians were inextricably bound. It was a clever little coup de theatre and the miners PR people beat the government’s PR people.

      Perhaps if the government hadn’t taken the word “super” (something that makes something stronger) and “tax” (something most Australian’s hate) then this wouldn’t have been such a big deal. 🙂

  2. I heartily agree with your post Boxy. Now get back to telling us about Frances Crosby!

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