Frances Crosby talk – Part 2

This post is part of a series

Yesterday I painted a picture of an amazing woman with remarkable maturity from a young age – in the face of extraordinary hardship.

But why was she like this? Good upbringing? No.

Francis was like this because she was a Christian. People who knew her as a child would always say “here is a child with every reason in the world to turn out cranky and bitter and sad and yet she’s such a delightful young woman”. From all accounts – and about 10 books have been written on her life – this is how she was throughout her whole life.

See Frances loved Jesus and with the help of her Nanny and her mum she memorised huge chunks of the Bible. And the reason she gave again and again for her joy was her gratitude to God. She was so thankful to Jesus for his death in her place, for the assurance of his love, for his resurrection and his promise to take her Home.

Frances loved the story where Jesus healed a blind man in a biography of Jesus called John and in the 9th chapter.

This guy was blind from birth, and miraculously healed his sight, but the whole scene turned into this unexpected skirmish between Jesus and the religious leaders – who Jesus said were actually blind ones.

See the whole episode turns into Jesus saying that true sight is when you see him properly, and that you can be quite blind when you actually see.

See the funny thing is that so often in the biographies of Jesus its the people who were blind who see Jesus most clearly. It’s something Frances Crosby knew only too well. When she was teaching in a school for the blind she often noted that it was those who were blind who weren’t distracted by the sparkly things of this world who found it easiest to keep their mind’s eye fixed on Jesus. Interesting hugh?

Final part tomorrow.


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