On voting and Jesus. Introduction

“So who’s going to win the election?”

Thus begins the conversation I’ve had about twenty times in the last week. Invariably this conversation starter is an invitation to talk about the Australian political scene more generally and, in a few cases, explain the whole thing to the person listening. Such is my lot as “the political guy”. Not that I’m complaining. I love talking about politics, Jesus and where the two should intersect. But in talking about politics with Christians the dominant mood seems to be genuine confusion.

We all know we’re meant to understand politics, to vote and participate conscientiously and to understand why we make one decision over the other – but in the end many of us don’t feel we have the learning tools to get the information we know we don’t have so we can make an informed decision and participate well. So we vote the way our parents did and resolve to think about it harder next time.

Well, every day between now and the election (next Saturday) I’m going to make a post to try and remedy this situation. I hope that by the end of it, you Christians who are reading will be empowered to make a wise choice this Saturday (and hopefully beyond). I also hope that my non/un/de/anti Christian readers will get an insight into why Christians think the way they do about the world around us.

So, each day I’m going to:

– Discuss a different major principle to help you make a wise choice.

– Discuss a different policy area and try to distil the important information out.

– Share some useful links for getting an understanding of the process of government (in really simple terms (with pictures (sometimes moving pictures!))).

And the other thing I’m going to do is declare my hand. Part of the problem with these sorts of series is that we want “objective information.” Ultimately I think that kind of information is non-existent. Everyone has bias and so rather than pretend I don’t have any I’m going to forgo my right to privacy and tell you, more or less, how I’m going to vote in the 2010 election. This way it’s all out in the open and you don’t have to feel like I’m trying to trick you into voting the way I want you to.

I haven’t entirely planned what I’m going to write about so if there are anythings that you really want to think through let me know below.



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7 responses to “On voting and Jesus. Introduction

  1. Peter

    This should be good. Looking forward to it. Do you know how many candidates are going to be on the upper house table-cloth-like ballot paper?

  2. Kellie

    Hey Pete
    Thanks heaps for bloggin about this political ‘stuff’. I’m real excited about learning more about the parties as I know nothing and would like to be able to make more of a conscious vote, instead of taking a guess at it.
    I’m also going to try to share this link with nearly everyone I know….well everyone who I know who has FB 🙂
    Shine On Bro <

    • steveboxwell

      No worries Kellie, though does it change it if you know that it’s me who’s writing and not this mysterious “pete” 🙂

    • steveboxwell

      These posts are really a museum piece now Dave, but thanks for your affirmation. Feel free to push back on any of them if you want clarification.

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