Community Service Announcement 2 for 2010

Hi all

It’s been a while between community service announcements so I thought I’d show you something I’ve been getting into recently. Fake 8-bit video games. I whiled away many an hour playing these sorts of games when I was younger and so it’s been fun to see crafty animators having fun with the genre.

I’d like to draw 2 to your attention, the first is an 8-bit videogame of Jos Weadon’s “Dr Horrible’s Sing-a-long blog”. It’s in several parts but here’s the first installment.

The second is for all you Twilight fans (or whatever the opposite of fan is). It’s a Twilight 8-bit game but in Choose-your-own-adventure form.



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2 responses to “Community Service Announcement 2 for 2010

  1. have you seen the original Dr Horrible Sing Along Blog? They were done during the Hollywood writers strike…

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